Контроллер модульный, 1 М RAM, расширение до 8 модулей I/O, USB(PG5), 1024 I/O, 6 внешн. прерываний, 2 ШИМ, Web-Серв., RTC, бат., RS 232, RS 485 (115 Кбит/с), Profi-S-Net/MPI, 3 разъема для коммун. модулей.

The PCD2.M5_ series is basically a combination of the PCD2 housing design and circuitry with extensive compatibility and ease of upgrading along with PCD3 technology. The proven functions of the PCD2 series have been supplemented with new functions such as USB and «onboard» Ethernet, and the facility to use flash cards and/or future SD memory cards (for program backup, file system for web pages, data, documents, etc.). For easy labelling of the I/O signals, there are preprinted sheets that can be protected by the transparent covering. I/O modules can be reconnected or replaced without removing the central housing.